How to Report Copyright Infringement on WordPress Sites

One of these site has been closed by WordPress. Congratulations to the authors who accomplished this. If such a site asks that you download a program in order to get the free eBook advertised, do NOT attempt to download the program! It is likely to contain viruses intended to retrieve your personal information.

Thank you to the authors who reported these sites, and to Chris for sharing what to do when a WordPress site commits copyright infringement!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Since you have a large voice I thought I would send this on to you.

I found places illegally offering my EBook for free.

Just thought you might want to put out a warning,

So others authors can check for THEIR books.


Anthony Renfro

Ronovan also advises you to check out this one too.


Some of these appear to be WordPress sites

To REPORT them, click on their logo or name top left of screen in the black Follow – Reblog – Like bit

a drop window will open giving you options



Go to the link WP gives you and complete the requirements


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10 thoughts on “How to Report Copyright Infringement on WordPress Sites

    1. Yes. I checked out the sites, and one asks you to download a program, one was removed, and the other claims the authors have submitted their books for free download. I didn’t try downloading any of them because someone had reported it as an illegal site. I do wonder, though, what would happen if you were to attempt a download. It looks like a legitimate site, but perhaps it’s not providing the eBooks it claims at all, but is rather collecting personal information from those who try to download a book. I find the whole thing rather scary as well as reprehensible.

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  1. Tim Baker and I discovered another site last summer and he wrote about it here: What we realized since was this site was most likely set up as a click farm to gather email addresses from the authors who wrote to complain. When I sent emails asking them to remove my eBooks from free download my computer became infected with malware and I had a heck of a time getting it functioning again. I eventually bought a new computer and solved the problem by never clicking on the site’s link again. You are correct, Connie, that the sites listing executable files in the download are not pirating our copyrighted material, but rather sending out malicious viruses. We shouldn’t ignore them though and Tim and I did everything we could to have this site shut down. However, it seems it’s still around and operating from a new IP address as I read another blog post last week complaining about copyright infringement at this same site. So we must all be vigilant in not being taken in by these illegal sites. And it’s probably also a good idea to never, ever buy lists of email addresses or Twitter followers from anyone, because you never know how those lists were accumulated.

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      1. There are all kinds of people on Twitter trying to sell followers. The assumption is that the more followers you have the more important you are and the more peole who will buy and read your book, but I’m not sold on that notion. The only people who are getting rich are those who sell the email addresses and the lists of followers.

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        1. If you have a great book, you shouldn’t need to bombard all and sundry with emails. Book lovers tend to promote books they’ve really enjoyed, and hopefully they will write reviews in addition to telling their friends about them. I agree with you that the only ones getting rich are those selling the email lists. When I get unsolicited emails, I am not intrigued at all, but irritated. I am therefore less likely to buy and read a book introduced to me in this fashion.

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