Speaking out for compassion, charity, and confidence by joining #1000Speak

I enjoyed this post on compassion by Linda S.Taylor. So often we are quick to take offense or to judge others. Thich N’hat Hahn, one of the leading minds and author of books on mindfulness and compassion in Buddhism, told a similar story in Being Peace.

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In that story, he says that a young boy goes to wake his sister for school. She yells at him, and at first he feels confused and angry. Then he recalls that he’d heard her coughing during the night, and he realises that she not only didn’t get much sleep, but is probably ill. Rather than feeling angry, he feels deep compassion for his sister.

We often don’t know the story behind someone’s life, or why they behave the way they do. We don’t know if they are exhausted from helping a family member who is ill, or if they are in pain for some other reason. Like Linda, I would rather be duped on occasion that turn down somebody truly in need.

I hope you enjoy Linda’s message as much as I did, and will pass it along.

#1000Speak for Compassion


I just discovered the 1000 Voices for Compassion Facebook page, and the call for those so moved to participate in one day of good, healthy, loving ‘speak’ in the world. If you’re not a blogger, you can write a post or essay about compassion and go to http://1000speak.wordpress.com/ for help to get it posted, or email 1000Speak@gmail.com to be guided. Or you can tweet on Twitter under the #1000Speak hashtag to participate.

The fear today is that compassion has gotten lost in the world’s present nature of anger with rage, arrogance with greed, and superiority with dominance. But fortunately I have found it hiding in many places. I was recently blessed with an abundance of compassion during a recent illness. Not only the cards, flowers, phone calls, and offers to help, but the people in the hospital who went well beyond their work requirements. They are the quiet people, doing…

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