Free Book Promotion Resources for Authors: Book Trailers

An excellent post on Readers+Writers Journal with resources to create your own free book trailer.

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Make Your Own Book Trailer for Free…or Almost Free

Everyone loves short videos. They don’t take long to watch, even at work, and they’re easy to share on social media and then talk about.  Book trailers are one of the most effective ways to promote your book online, but they can be expensive to make and many self-published authors are confused about where to start. Below, a short video with the 6 “must haves” for book trailers.

Resources for Getting Started

If you have a PC, chances are you have Movie Maker already installed on your computer. Or download it here. There is no Mac version, but Iskysoft makes something similar Macs for $49.95. You can download it here.

 Online Options

There are several free and low cost online options for creating a book trailer. We’ve assembled a few here:

Animotologo-muveeCloudMasherPowtoonStupefilxFlixtime logo-on white


You cannot use any photo you find on the web…

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2 thoughts on “Free Book Promotion Resources for Authors: Book Trailers

  1. Loyal fan of video trailers here, but like book covers, I prefer to seek professional help.
    This may sound a bit cruel, but if you cannot afford a few hundred dollars to make a professional first impression, don’t start writing. I’ve often advised aspiring writers to begin with a marketing plan before their fingers touch the keyboard, before they start an outline, and before they select a title and/or genre.

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    1. I certainly wouldn’t use my first attempt, but some people are pretty creative and tech savvy and could make their own. I agree, though, that a marketing plan is an excellent idea. First impressions are important, and if you can’t do an excellent job of it, don’t make your own book trailer!

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