#Authors – Especially #Indies – Please Note…

Mountain GorillaChris The Story Reading Ape has created a unique and VERY popular community for readers, book bloggers, and self-published authors. It’s difficult to believe he only began his blog in April 2013!

If you’ve self-published a book, being featured on his site will increase your exposure exponentially. He also features guest posts about all aspects of writing, self-publishing, and marketing your work.

What’s stopping you? Join the family and be featured on his blog today!

(Although bananas are appreciated, he’ll feature you for free!)

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

YOU are invited to take advantage of the following:

Thanks to all my blog contributors, followers and visitors since The Story Reading Ape Blog began in April 2013 (just over two years ago), the posts have received a total of over250,000 views (increasing daily).

The breakdown of statistics are as follows:

Number of views in 2013: 30,412

Number of views in 2014: 125,910

Number of views in 2015: over 93,000 so far

Current number of views per day: Between 700 and 1200.

Current number of followers: over 7,45

So, if YOU would like to boost YOUR blog traffic, following and promote your books – FOR FREE – why not do one of the following:

NEW Authors:

Overcome your shyness and send me YOUR Guest Author article to introduce yourself – click HERE to see what is required.


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