…Authors… a reader’s review is a ‘gift’, not an ‘entitlement’…

What was the title of the most recent book you read? Did you like it? More importantly, did you write a review?

If you want more books like the one you’ve most recently enjoyed, it’s important to share your opinion with the author, other readers, and on prime-time television. (Just kiddin’ about the last, unless Oprah is reading this.)

Getting reviews, whether negative or positive, is one of the most crucial and arduous tasks an author faces. Why not be the first to write a review? Or go ahead and comment on one of my book reviews if you’re familiar with any of the books on my Website or on Goodreads? Let’s talk about books as one bibliophile to another.

Authors, whether they know who left the review or not, are extremely grateful for your acknowledgment. Just knowing that somebody read their book can make them feel appreciated.

Go ahead and write a review, especially if you want that sequel to be written…

Just read how grateful Seumas is below. ☺

Seumas Gallacher


…an honest review is as gold dust to any writer… and I care not if the scribbler is a newbie, self-publishing indie… or a decades-established leading name for a major publishing firm… each and every time any reader takes the patience and trouble to offer his/her opinion on yer literary labours, it’s another one of an Author’s ‘golden moments’… an acknowledgement yer WURK is recognised… and let me affirm to yeez, it truly matters not whether the rating is 1-star, all the way to 5-stars, if it’s honest, it’s a learning mark for yeez… accept them all… usually with more than just a pinch of salt if they swing too much to the dark side or praise yeez to the high heavens… and as a wee aside, it’s worth bearing in mind not everybody on the planet is gonna LUV yer wee masterpiece with quite the same intensity…

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10 thoughts on “…Authors… a reader’s review is a ‘gift’, not an ‘entitlement’…

  1. Reviews are like gold dust and I am always so very appreciative when I receive one – I think it’s part of how we become better writers as well. Having written my own book and waiting for reviews to come in has made me far more appreciative of them, and inspired me to write more in return.

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    1. Thanks for expressing your appreciation for reviews, and for writing reviews. Readers generally have no idea how much an author wants to hear from them. Reading a book is like communicating with the author through his/her story, but it’s often a one-sided conversation.

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      1. That’s so very true, and I never realised it until I had written my own work. Also, I really do believe that, whether you’re published traditionally or independently, the only way to generate sales is by word of mouth, and reviews are a big part of that.

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        1. I agree wholeheartedly. Although my blog is devoted to self-published authors, at my job in the bookstore, I work particularly hard to promote the traditionally published works of talented new authors. Their books need to be read to be spoken about. I write reviews, but it’s in the store, bringing a reader’s attention to an as-yet undiscovered new talent, that I feel the most happy.

          I’m fortunate to have the wonderful experience of seeing customers, many of whom I’ve come to know well, buy a book because I recommended it. I’m thrilled to witness firsthand how sales increase exponentially as readers tell others about a book I’ve championed. Customers who tell me they enjoyed my recommendation and ask for another give me the positive feedback that inspires me to continue reading and otherwise staying informed about the authors and books we carry in my store.

          As for the self-published authors whose works I’ve reviewed or otherwise worked to promote, their gratitude and eagerness to “pay it forward” by reading and writing reviews of other self-published authors has been amazing to witness. That so many have blogs devoted to promoting or otherwise assisting other self-published writers is truly admirable.

          I encourage all of you to continue to support each other in ethical ways that serve your readers. Having encountered groups who provide inflated and/or misleading reviews for one another, I’m all the more impressed by those of you who follow my blog and whose blogs I follow. Each of you has helped me in my exploration of how I can promote books other than in a brick-and-mortar store.

          I hope to play a positive role in bringing readers’ attention to the largely untapped talent represented in the self-publishing industry. Thank you to those of you who’ve written books that inspire me to do so, and to those whose books I haven’t read, but who nonetheless have generously shared my reviews of other authors’ books.

          Okay, this could be a whole new blog, so I’ll stop here. Thanks, Helen, for your enthusiasm in sharing how reviews have encouraged you, and why they’re so important to authors whose names are not yet familiar to the reading public.

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          1. Wow, Connie – an amazing comment! Thank you for being such a tireless champion of books read and unread – I love that you get to see firsthand the power of recommendation. 🙂

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          2. Thank you, Helen. That would be very sweet of you. Due to unexpected circumstances, I may not be able to contribute much to my site for some time–and I’ll do a quick blog about that–but it means I will have some time to read. 🙂

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