New #BookReview–“Finding Pluck,” Award-Winning Novel

Smaller cover image of Finding PluckCongratulations to author Peter Difatta on Winning the 2014 William Faulkner Literary Award.

Finding Pluck is an amazing coming-of-age novel that transcends genres. Whether you enjoy literature, history, humour, serious themes, romance, mystery, or the supernatural, Finding Pluck will appeal. Yet, it’s so much more than any of these. Finding Pluck will make you laugh, get angry, cry, and ask questions. What it won’t do is leave you indifferent.

Please take the time to read my full review and find out why I gave it five stars and made it a Connie’s Pick.

Read a preview or more reviews of Finding Pluck at or on the author’s Website.

Finding Pluck addresses global issues of discriTwitterLogo_#55aceemination, integrity, and how genuine empathy promotes prosocial behavior

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