Possible #Copyright #Infringment Site

Today I came across the site http://www.easeebook.org/, which claims to offer free downloads of PDF books. I discovered it while looking for the title of a book by a self-published author, so I thought perhaps those of you who have published your own books may want to see if your book is listed on the site. (There are also some traditionally published books listed as being available for download.)

In the past, some of you were able to take down a site for copyright infringement with a “takedown notice” to their host server.

I’m not certain how to determine who their host server is, so if anyone can help with that, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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9 thoughts on “Possible #Copyright #Infringment Site

    1. Thank you. I’d read that post, but didn’t recall exactly how they’d accomplished it. I tried finding the server on WHOSIS, but I don’t see a server listed. Because I don’t have a published work, I can’t send a copyright infringement notice myself, but if I can find some other means of tracking them down, I’ll try it.

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    1. Thank you. I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the information provided. There is an email to write to with concerns at WHOSIS, but I may just contact one of the major publishers whose books are on the site. I’ve done it before, and they were quick to act. They have teams hired specifically for such things.


  1. Thanks for sharing Connie 🙂 and also for your ongoing efforts to find out who they are so authors can contact them if they have stolen their work. Hope all is well with you, been thinking of you xx

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