Less Luggage, More Comfort…

Some excellent words of wisdom about travelling lightly on this journey we call life.

Quote from the article that touched me deeply: “Soul consciousness brings in the realization that no matter what happens by way of temporal loss or gain, success or failure, acclaim or defamation, one can still remain stable and peaceful because ‘I the soul’ cannot lose anything.”

Thank you, Rajagopal, for this thought-provoking post, Less Luggage, More Comfort… on your wonderful WordPress site, GRALEVIEW.


‘Less luggage, more comfort; make travel a pleasure’, ran the slogan of Indian Railways till the early 1970s, persuading the passenger to travel as lightly as possible. The catchphrase held strong relevance in the context of steam engine-powered trains resembling black monsters belching out thick clouds of smoke, and crude train journeys of that long ago period, when rail was the most viable mode of travel for longer distances, ranging from several hundred to a couple of thousand kilometers involving transits varying from overnight to a few days, when individuals and families journeyed around carrying many large and unwieldy pieces of luggage. It was as if everyone was lugging around micro versions of entire housings, greatly encumbered and severely fatigued by travel weariness at the time of reaching destinations. At destination stations, it was again a melee of hired porters dragging down huge pieces of baggage from rail compartments and…

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