SALE: Fantasy/SF Bundle by Nicholas C. Rossis

Nicholas C. Rossis is a best-selling Amazon author whose Fantasy/Sci-Fi short stories and novels are gems. I’ve read the Pearseus books twice!

Ultimate Omnibus EditionNicholas is offering his Ultimate Bundle of Fantasy Novels and Science Fiction Short Stories (Kindle Edition) for the very low price of 7.29 USD. (Check your country’s Amazon site for prices. In Canada, for example, the price is 9.99 CAD.)

This Ultimate Bundle includes four full-length fantasy novels (the Pearseus collection), plus 23 short science fiction stories. Click on the image or visit your country’s Amazon site to take advantage of this sale today!

To read an interview by me with Nicholas, click HERE.

14 thoughts on “SALE: Fantasy/SF Bundle by Nicholas C. Rossis

  1. Kim, unfortunately, I currently have an enormous pile of books to read and review. While my website is devoted to self-published authors, all of whom were unknown to me before reading their books, I also work in a bookstore and have (or rather, “get”) to read many books for product knowledge. For this reason, I can’t review your novel at this time, but I would recommend reading my blog post on getting reviews ( Any print in colour is a link, as are the images. Perhaps the most useful link for you would be to a list of reviewers at The Indie View ( Another recommendation I would make is to rewrite your book description. Check out the article “Are you making these mistakes with your Amazon book description?” ( and other articles about writing book descriptions. Best of luck to you!

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