A Tail (ahem!) Tale of 5 Self-Published Books …

Author Susan M. Toy has won awards for her writing, being a sales representative, and being a publishers’ representative. Her novel Island in the Clouds is definitely a “Connie’s Pick” about which I will be writing, hopefully, in the near future. Suffice it to say, for the time being, that I found it to be an excellent read, in part because it’s so well-written. I found not a single error in the novel. (As a grammar Nazi, that’s a first for me!)

In this blog post, Susan shares her own experience reading five self-published books. What she has to say should be read by every author considering self-publishing. Indeed, you’ll find many great posts on her blog about self-publishing, marketing, good reads, etc. Just yesterday she was announced as a nominee for the “Services to Bloggers Award” in the 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash Awards.(Voting is now open until June 9, 2016!)

I hope you’ll find this piece as useful and informative as I did.

Recently I read 5 self-published eBooks—all good books in their own way—but 4 of these suffered from “problems” that in my estimation could have been easily rectified. As it was, these problems wer…

Source: A Tail (ahem!) Tale of 5 Self-Published Books …

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