About “Connie’s Picks”

connies pickAt the bookstore in which I work, employees have the option to “staff pick” books they particularly enjoyed. By affixing a sticker to the book with their name on it, they draw attention to the book, and it receives special placement for a time on our “Staff Picks” wall. Many of our customers, uncertain of what to choose for their next read, appreciate these recommendations. I’ve had customers who, seeing my name badge, say, “Oh, you’re Connie. I always love your picks! Can you recommend something for me?”

What interests me most about this is that, because I read and select my “Staff Picks” from a variety of genres, I have customers tell me, for example, that they usually read only fiction, but because of a recommendation by me, they have read and enjoyed a history book. I am always tickled to hear that I have played a role in expanding a customer’s palate and appetite for reading.

I hope you will enjoy the titles by Indie authors I select as “Connie’s Picks” among my Book Reviews. Just hover over the Book Reviews tabs to see books I’ve reviewed. In the header of the sub menu for each book, I’ve indicated titles that are “Connie’s Picks.”

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