#Read about Guest #Author Gretchen Grossman

Gretchen Grossman, whose memoir Ring Around the Rosary I gave a five-star review and a “Connie’s Pick” recommendation, has provided some information about herself and her life on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog. Meet the author and find out how she came to write her memoir by reading the post. (Lots of interesting pictures are included.)

If you haven’t already read the book, you’ll want to after reading this article!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

0064My name is Gretchen Grossman Mobley. I wrote Ring Around The Rosary, The Memoir Of A Girl, A Nun, A Wife, And A Mother.

I used the name Gretchen Grossman on my memoir cover because I didn’t necessarily want former students reading my book. Also I recognized that the alliteration of my maiden name looked attractive on the cover. 

I taught school in inner-city Chicago and several other smaller cities. I taught in private, parochial, public, and magnet schools, preschool through 8th grade but mostly 6th grade, everything from ESL to art, music, humanities, and the regular curriculum. Such a tremendous amount of labor, I was pretty much like a workhorse, but a happy workhorse. Still, I’m surprised I survived. 

I knew that students loved performance art and because I’m a kid at heart I too love performance art. Since it was critical for me to be happy every single day…

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