Thank You: Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik in Kugluktuk, NU | Indigo Adopt a School, #1000Speak for Compassion

thank-you-word-cloud creative commonsThank you to all who “adopted” Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik Elementary School, spread the word, and made donations to its library.

While the votes and donations received online are still being confirmed by the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation, the information thus far is that we collected 1637 books for this high-needs elementary school.

As a second-place winner in terms of number of adoptions received, Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik Elementary School in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, will receive an additional  $7500 grant from the Love of Reading Foundation.

What principal Catherine Keeling had to say about Jimmy Hikok’s library and what the Indigo Adopt a School contest meant for them:
Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik is located in Kugluktuk, Nunavut in the arctic circle. We are a traditional school that values family, community and literacy. We believe in community-based education and that the whole community aids in supporting the children in their learning. The library at Jimmy Hikok is a small but comfortable space. It has an open concept and is a focal point in the main hallway where parents, students and staff pass all day. It is where community members come to read stories during literacy nights. Although the library is present in its physical existence, the majority of our books are at least 20 years old, in poor shape and of low interest to our students. We are looking to update our library with high interest, quality literature. We envision a library that is comfortable and encouraging; a space that welcomes even the lowest level readers and cultivates a love for reading and learning about the world around them. Our students love to read, but it is our responsibility to foster that love.


Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik in Kugluktuk, NU | Indigo Adopt a School, #1000Speak for Compassion



Voting for this school to receive the Indigo Love of Reading grant costs nothing. They’ve received many donations from people like you, but to receive the additional $10,000 grant, they need to receive more votes. Currently they are in second place, but they need about 200 more votes to win.

Voting is easy. Click HERE, sign in with Facebook or create an account, click on the pink “Adopt” button, then click “Adopt Now” on the page to which you’re redirected.

Voting ends October 10th at midnight!

If you’d like to make a donation, $12CDN (currently $9.26USD) provides them with an additional 10 votes. Your donation goes directly to the school. The votes are for them to receive the additional $10,000CDN Indigo Love of Reading grant, some of which can be spent on computers, etc, in addition to books. Should you donate more than $12, please divide it into $12 amounts. (E.g. if you donate $24, make two donations of $12 to get 20 bonus votes rather than just 10.)

Please share this with as many people as you can!

Source:Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik in Kugluktuk, NU | Indigo Adopt a School


#PeaceNow–“Admissions” Trailer and Link to Watch Full 20-Minute Video, #1000Speak for Compassion

“Winner of 26 International Awards, the 20-minute film tells a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace, even in the most conflict-ridden regions of our world.

Click image to read preview on

I watched an amazing video today created by John Viscount, author of Mind What Matters: A Pep Talk for Humanity. I haven’t read the book yet, but I was very moved by the sample available on (Click on the book’s cover image if you’d like to read the preview.)

John Viscount is also the creator of the Award-Winning film “Admissions”, and it’s being used to promote nothing less than global peace. Below is the trailer:

Click here to view the full 20-minute film.

I’d welcome any comments about what you felt and/or thought as you watched “Admissions.”

Also, enjoy the “Admissions” theme song below:

Thoughts from a Recovering Racist

I simply couldn’t not share this article by Joshua Throneburg. It’s too easy to believe that being “colour-blind” is the solution to racism. Thinking that “race doesn’t matter” is a dismissal of the experience of those subjected to prejudice and a denial of the privileges afforded to those who are not. I hope you’ll read this well-considered article.


5 Reasons Bullying Made Me A Better Writer #1000Speak – Building On Bullying

Sacha Black–Mother, Wife, Writer–writes about how bullying made her who she is. Will she thank the bullies? No. Being bullied, however, was something she was able to transform into determination. Thank you, Samantha, for sharing your story.


Sacha Black

5 Reasons Bullying Made Me a Better Writer

I had to coax myself into posting this. Not because I didn’t want to do a post for #1000Speak, but because bullying is one of those things that everyone has been affected by, and I am no exception. It’s all a little close to the bone. Bullying is one of those universal topics that touches the lives of almost everyone. But I want to focus on the positive. On why being bullied made me a better writer. Without having been bullied I wouldn’t have focused on writing in my youth, and I probably wouldn’t have realised writing was my dream. So am I compassionate with the bullies? No, probably not, I know that’s the point of 1000speak, but, I am grateful for the experience of bullying.

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