Ring Around the Rosary by Gretchen Grossman–a “Connie’s Pick”

connies pickI received a free copy of this memoir from the author. This in no way has influenced my review of this book. Indeed, the author did not even request that I review it in exchange for the copy she sent me, but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to include it as a “Connie’s Pick” and review it here.

Ring Around the RosaryI really admire the spunk of this book’s author. Having been manipulated by the Church and her own desire to please, Gretchen finds herself reluctantly taking vows to become a nun. It was a time when a religious vocation was touted by some to be better than any other in the world. Gretchen certainly didn’t feel special or chosen, but she couldn’t find anyone to validate her feelings that the convent was not the place for her. When she did finally muster up the courage to leave, the nuns made dire predictions that she wouldn’t be able to adjust to life outside the cloister’s walls. Indeed, she was naive, but she reports her struggles without bitterness or self-pity. The story moves along at a good pace, with anecdotes both heart wrenching and humorous as she struggles with her self-destructive desire to keep up appearances to please others. Gretchen is a thoughtful and philosophical narrator, and following her musings as she evolves emotionally is anything but boring!


Originally posted November 26, 2014

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